Sunday, 25 August 2013

Neuro-linguistics Programming for PMR and SPM 2013 candidates (Phase One)

One of my responsibilities as Coordinator for Excellence Programmes in SASEM is to organise courses that help PMR and SPM candidates as they will be sitting for the first public exams for SASEM this year. For a change, I decided to call Counselor, Pn Siti Sheahila Abdul Rashid, from SMK Kota Jaya Kota Tinggi to hold a half day course. She is a certified practitioner of NLP and is pursuing a PHD on the discipline. Students' evaluation was excellent and a second phase was in order for other candidates. Since this was my first experience of the NLP, it was definitely and eye-opener :)

selected students

En Kifli, PK1 doing his welcoming address

surreal! what the sub-conscious can do!

my bubble

The Thinking Teacher

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