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Lesson Plan: Simple Past Tense and Regular-Irregular Verbs

Was observed on Monday by an inspectorate :) They are all in my school till Thursday. Here's the lesson plan in case you'd like to try it! My SS were angels 😉😍 Not bragging o.k. but I was very pleased with how the lesson went. One of the best lessons I've conducted...most importantly, objectives achieved 😄 The inspectorate's feedback was positive Alhamdulillah. Feel free to use and share. 

It's a habit of mine to have a lesson outline such as the following before I'm observed. For the lesson plan proper, please check below.

(60 mins)

1.   WARMER/
        (10 mins)

1.        T distributes number 1- 4 cards to each group and ask each group member to pick one number.
2.        T shows some simple past tense verbs on ppt. and ask SS to study the spelling of the verbs.
3.        T asks SS to identify which are regular verbs and which are irregular:
4.        T gives input on the simple past and regular/irregular verbs using ppt.
Ppt. slides
Numbers 1-4 enough for all SS in groups of four

      (35 mins)

1.        T distributes a true story (Escape from the jungle).
2.        SS read the story silently and change simple present tense verbs into the verbs in the boxes into the simple past tense.
3.        T models by reading aloud and asks questions to check SS understanding for each paragraph:

a.  When did the incident take place? 1971
b.  What’s the name of the girl in the story? Juliana
c.  How old is the German girl? 17
d.  Who was Juliana traveling with? Her mother
e.  What was she travelling on? A plane
f.   What animal did she see on her journey to escape? 
    caimans and piranhas

4.        T checks answers by calling “HEADS TOGETHER NO. 1” to give answers to the blanks in the story.
5.        All SS with no.1 stand up and answer questions. T continues to call other numbers.
6.        Once all the blanks are filled up, T gets SS to verbally say which verbs are regular and irregular verbs. Alternatively, T can draw columns on board and call SS to classify the verbs in the story:

Para 1:
looked   called

left, were, broke, fell, hit, lay, food
Para 2:

heard, found, saw, knew
Para 3:
came, knew, swam, learnt, got took

Numbered heads
“Heads together”

   (15 mins)
1.        Grammar Tic Tac Toe
How to play:
a.      Use the 4 games on the slides.
b.      Divide class into 2 teams (green and red teams depending on colour of marker pens used)
c.       Give green marker pen to green team and red pen to the read team.
d.      Show slide Game 1. Call GREEN TEAM to choose a verb in the simple past and change that to the infinitive. (correct spelling mandatory)
e.       Next, call the RED TEAM to choose a verb and do the same. (the idea is to block the other team and to try to score a tic-tac-toe)
f.        The winner is of course the group that can have a straight line! (No worries, when I carried this out, only in the 4th game did green team won!)
g.      Allow group discussion before one volunteer come to the board to choose a verb.

2.        Follow-up: SS to find 10 regular and irregular verbs for the next lesson.



Grammar- the simple past tense and regular-irregular verbs
The simple past tense – form and meaning
By the end of the lesson, you will be able to:
Read a story and complete the story with the simple past tense verbs correctly.
Show understanding of regular and irregular verbs in a grammar game.
I will be successful if I can
Read and understand the gist of a story.
Change at least 20 infinitives into the simple past tense to complete a story (“Escape from a jungle”)
Change simple past tense verbs into present tense in a language game.
SS listen to input on the simple past tense and regular/irregular verbs.
SS read a story silently and fill in the blanks with suitable simple past tense verbs.
T calls numbered heads to answer the questions.
SS demonstrate understanding of the simple past tense for regular and irregular verbs by playing tic-tac-toe.
English Language, Catherine Swan, UK Press
Grammar, Betty Azar, Longman, handouts. Ppt, numbered heads squares, grammar game




SS centeredness


Critical thinking

I-THiNK Maps









What you need here for lesson plan and attachments)

Try it and share how it went. Feedback welcome.

Happy teaching peeps!

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Friday, 7 July 2017


Our third PLC this year with Pn Ashah Samah, former Director of Residential Schools and Cluster Schools. Thanks to all teachers and PLC committee for your participation. We will give way for the trial examination in August before PLC 4-6 continues. Thanks for Pn Ashah for making time for us. SASEM awesome!

Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH

Friday, 30 June 2017

Innovative Ideas for enhanced students engagement- in FORM Conference 2017, University of Reading, Iskandar, Malaysia

This day event sounds very interesting to me. However, I will be away on this date (15th July 2017). If you're in Johor Bahru, why not take this opportunity to attend the conference by University of Reading, Iskandar, Malaysia? I think it will be worth it!

click on link for details

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Friday, 23 June 2017

How can we engage students in the classroom?

The following is a list that is probably so common but partially understood by teachers :) It's time to add spice into that classroom of yours by using some of these engagement tools. I've tried some of the techniques and they were fun but I really hope there was learning too. 

1. Cooperative Learning Structures Techniques
2. Struktur Pembelajaran Kooperatif

Happy teaching peeps!

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Friday, 28 April 2017

Lesson Plan: Formal Letter

In case you're teaching formal letter next week like I intend to, you can use the following materials. Click on the image to download.

Happy teaching!

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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Professional Learning Community 2/2017 - Awesome session with Sallina Hussain!

Date: 20 April 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 2.30 - 4.30 p.m.
Venue: Meeting Room 1
Speaker: Pn Sallina Hussain, Ketua Sektor Pengurusan Akademik, JPNJ
Topic: Guru Berkualiti + PdP Berkualiti = Kemenjadian Murid dalam PAK 21

Thanks Sal for making time for all of us in SASEM despite your busy schedule. And what a shame I had to miss your session because I had to be in SEHEBAT for Nadi Kasih Programme on the same day. And the feedback is good Sal. I randomly asked teachers around and they were all in awe of your sharing. The principal texted me while I was in SEHEBAT- "Tahniah...PLC banyak input". And during LET session, Radhi, our Head of Panel too reminded us of the pointers from your talk. Thanks a zillion. We need that ummphh and you gave us that and more.

But poor me had to miss that and read your slides instead!!! huhuhu....

Next on the list is.....surprise surprise :)

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Choral Speaking is alive and well!!!

It was refreshing to watch the eight teams pit against each other in the recently concluded Kluang District 2017 Choral Speaking Competition. SM Sains Sembrong secured second place overall and the Best Conductor Award- congrats to Nash, Azhar and Azie for training them. They did well and I knew they would get a placing.  I oversaw the briefing for adjudicators and dabbled as the MC for the closing ceremony haha...what's the Malay proverb...tiada rotan akar pun berguna? Suddenly, in the midst of the closing ceremony the VIP arrived and Radhi was cutely signalling me to notice him and luckily I did. Thank you to Mr. Nasarudin Ahmad (PPD Kluang Co- Academic Officer) for making it despite having to be in three different events on the same day.

Thanks to all adjudicators, Madam Sarojini who was chief adjudicator (SMK Canossian Convent), Madam Rukumani (SMK Seri Kota Paloh), Mdm Nurul Fiza (SMK Taman Sri Kluang), Mr. Nafis (SMK SEDARA) and Ms Sheimah Nallasamy (SMK Kahang)

Congrats to all in the English Panel for making this a success! Tiring but fulfilling day :)
Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Team SASEM -ist runner up and Best Conductor

Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH

Nadi Kasih Programme SBP Southern Zone in Sehebat

Date: 20-22 April 2017
Venue: SEHEBAT, Batu Pahat
No. of participants : 240

Assalamualaikum and hi all! It's been a while I know. April has been a really busy month...I felt swamped! But I said to myself I must post this before it becomes ancient  news. I sure missed training a lot! It felt good to conduct a training session again for 240 students in all. Hopefully, my session was okay and so were the rest of the other sessions. We focussed more on Paper 2 considering it can help the weaker candidates to do better in this paper. Slip disc or not, the show must go on.

My thanks to Sehebat, particularly Loh Pei Wern (Head of English Panel) for being so accommodating and receptive to the trainers' needs, Suzi (Suziana Muhammad) for conducting the ice-breaker, trainers, Reeza from Sekolah Tun Fatimah, Hida from SM Sains Muar and Rozman, from SM Sains Johor, facilitators from SBP Southern Zone schools, 80 Young Tutors and participants. You were awesome! 

I felt rejuvenated somewhat from this event. I still have it in me to train methinks...Managed to visit old friend Zubaidah in Sehebat too and my prayers are with you. Speedy recovery o.k!

Sains Sembrong reps with Saufi and I 

Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH
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