Friday, 29 August 2008

Action Research Seminar, Kluang District

Tomorrow I will be presenting my action research in a seminar in High School. Frankly I have not looked at it after submitting it in May. Hmm..quite a bit to explain. Six of us (three primary and three from secondary) have been shortlisted for the seminar. The organisers said it isn't a competition (which is a relief-am too old for this!!) but they will select the best to represent the district at the state level. Well, I have 15 minutes to present and five minutes for Q & A. Am taking this very lightly actually because I know I am going to enjoy myself sharing my research with many teachers! Wish me luck!


  1. Hi Ray!!
    What is Action Research?
    How do I get hold a copy of your Research?

    That is the Raymah I know, always shun away from competition.:-)

    Back then we always wish ourselves 'good luck' on whatever endover we undertook.

    Fr HH
    ps. You didn't even notice me when I say hello to you yesterday.

    Im invisible to you..Sad..sob..sob

  2. u did? when? hmm more suspense..very sorry please don't feel offended. recently i was told by a friend that her colleague (whom i do not know) saw me at the ppd. said i was very stuck up as i didn't smile at him at all. i find this puzzling. Should i smile to everyone at the ppd? it could be any tom, dick or harry there..parents, teachers, contractors, etc takkan nak tersengih je tak tentu fasal ye tak. nanti orang kata tak betul hehe. anyway, if u reveal ur identity then it won't happen again! if u don't know action research then ur definitely not a teacher!! m assuming ur halim hehe

  3. Hmmmmm, it is becoming more interesting.

    You can make a wild guest thru' my massages here and assuming Im 'halim', whoever that is, and yet you could not recognize me when im smack in front of your face. :-)

    Good luck with your next presentation.

    I alway knew that you will easily get nervous when presentation comes:-)

    Fr HH

    BTW Selamat POSE

  4. hehe so the mystery continues! this makes it even more interesting don't you think? Well, i was too nervous yesterday which is strange considering I've always been presenting something or other all these years. Agaknya terkejut sangat it was a competition! so you were there...jangan kecik hati no...lain kali tegur lagi. Selamat berpuasa. semuga ibadah kita diterima.


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