Sunday, 31 August 2008

All the Best!

To 5S1 and 5S2 students,

All the best in the coming SPM trial girls. Remember to read the questions carefully and do your best!! Remember after 'to' is followed by the base form of the verb, elaborate ALL the points given in directed writing, write brief but complete answers for comprehension, show plenty of textual evidence in the novel question, don't count the continuous writing essay pls just the summary, hmmm.. what else...yes, don't leave any blanks!! (What a teacher :-))


  1. SPM trial is coming soon. *HEADACHE* Yeah, teacher. I think all of us will try to achieve good result (ESPECIALLY ENGLISH subject) cause we got such a good teacher. THANKS A LOT. =]

  2. hi anonymous,
    when are u going to reveal yourself huh? i will find out one day hehe..yes, u better do well in the English paper. all that blood, sweat and tears..make sure it's worth it! :) all the best! u go girl!!

  3. wow..teacher thanx!! yeah well the advice on "READ THE QUESTIONS PROPERLY" is really important for me..So i guess i should take the advice...hahaha...Wow..teacher ur Blog is the BOMB!! HAHA luv the blog n love ya too..

  4. hi renu,
    watcha doing at home? hehe ponteng eh? revising really hard eh? good for you time to waste now. all the best in the rest of ur papers. love yer too. u go girl!

  5. heheh kindda like ponteng but duin beneficial stuffs at home ler teacher!! heheh secret between us okie!! heheh..if madam tan finds out i'll be roasted!! hehehe..


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