Thursday, 7 August 2008


Han's journal entry which I read today was a thought-provoking one. The title was 'Teachers'. It was an emotional outpouring of teachers' behaviour in the classroom sometimes puzzles and shocks her. This particular teacher 'threw' a student's exercise book in a fit of anger. Well, when one is angry, unexpected things can happen. She went on to write about how teachers are viewed by students and what they stand for. It made me realise that we teachers sometimes take our anger on students. It's undeniable students of today are world's apart from their seniors and they are a challenging lot to handle sometimes. (That teacher must have been really furious to throw the exercise book away.) I too was angry in 5S2 the other day. You see, teaching has become more complex. Your'e not just disseminating and managing the content but overseeing everything from discipline to performance as well. Having said that, teachers still need to find that patience in them and to show a good example to their students. Do you realise that students, however young, are always evaluating you although they may not show it outwardly? This journal entry made me reflect on my practices and how I may have been 'unfair' to my students too. To Han's: Thanks for your thoughts and I hope you haven't lost confidence in your teachers ok!


  1. What a shock to hear it too...Hmm...Need time 2 reflect ourselves...But teacher, i know very well who are you refering to...Because there is only 1 student in our class will talk aboat such thing...haha...Am i right?!

    Anyway, teacher don't have to worry so much because this is only her personal view...To me, i think the teachers in this school are GREAT!! Fair to every single person not looking at your skin colour...SMCC TEACHERS ROCK!! ^~

  2. yeah...its really shocking tooo!!!..i wonder who is that girl? from which class? and how are you so sure that that particular girl wrote all these?

  3. yeah!!! smcc teachers rock!!!

  4. hi cell,
    it's ok for her to voice her opinions. no harm in that. as teachers, we do need to reflect what we do in the classroom and students are out best feedback. am glad you appreciate your teachers!

  5. well anonymous, actually someone from another class told her what happened in her ....... class to her. she merely gave her opinions in her journal. i thought she was mature in her opinions. Anyway we don't have to take it too seriously.


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