Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Kiki died...

A week ago Kiki left us. We miss her so much. She contracted diarrohea (is this how you spell it? Gosh..English teacher!) and so we brought her to the vet twice but to no avail. I know what you are going to say hh..(I told you so..) My daughter really cried. Rasyad, my son buried her under our bougainvilla tree, same spot as our previous hamster, Gigirl. Maybe we just don't have the talent to keep pets! I still have her photos but am not so sure if I want to upload now...


  1. Hai Raymah,

    Diarrea !!!!
    Told you already maa..

    It is a specialise work to look after all those hairy cats.

    Special canned food, special sand, special temperature and special everything.

    So rm400, caging and other gaggette(spelling?), all down the drain for nothing.

    Its nothing to do with talent. It is all about knowledge. Quite an expensive experience, thou'.

    Ooo, the last one.

    By the way, try get your daughter a new pet. Live trees, for example.

    Fr HH

  2. spell as "Diarrhea" or can be spelled as "Diarrhoea".

    Both spelling are accepted depending where you are now, either in US or UK territory.

    Error and ommission accepted.

    Fr HH
    :-) jadi english teacher la pulak. :-)

  3. tx for the correction! an english teacher stands corrected!! wat to do...we made the wrong decision..


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