Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Ooo..Chong Wei

What a damper!! It was excruciating to watch Lee Chong Wei play against Lin Dan that night. I had such high hopes and so were the rest of Malaysia. What disappointed me was the way in which he played- not much of a fight...when I expected him to give Lin Dan a run for his money. I wouldn't have felt this way if he had at least put up an agressive performance. I guess it was too overwhelming for him, something he needs to work on in future tournaments. Still, congratulations to Chong Wei. He's such a pleasant sportsman!!


  1. Although he lost the GOLD medal, he is still MALAYSIA's NO.1 BADMINTON PLAYER - DATUK LEE CHONG WEI. =]

  2. hehe Datuk already eh!!

  3. Hai Raymah,
    What do u think of his datukship?
    He deserve it or not?

    It seems getting a datuk nowadays is easy, to a point of 'no meaning'. Don't u think so?

    Fr HH aka Peminat

  4. The coach should also get the title "Datuk" lah

  5. hi hh and angel,

    i don't mind if chong wei gets his datukship but misbun deserves it too. well, misbun will be awarded soon. congrats to both of them!

  6. hai Angel,

    Lee's mother and father also deserve to get datuk maaa.

    Misbun wife, father and mother also
    should get maa.

    Misbun wife should get also.

    Come to think of it, you and me should also get.:-)

  7. wah like dat how? evelybody has to be given datuk!! too many datuks lor...


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