Thursday, 7 August 2008

Studying again?

Recently I've been thinking of doing my PHD. Don't really know what got into me..i've never dreamed of a PHD. Maybe it's the fact that many friends have won scholarships to further their studies. It's too late to apply for a scholarship due to the age limit so i mulled over the idea of pursuing it part time... so I thought! Well, when I finally got my foot on the ground, it's just not possible. What with school work and all other responsibilites. It wouldn't be fair to my students because it will definitely affect school work. Besides I don't have the motivation to do it part time. I guess I've got to give it a miss although I find that I always need to be intellectually challenged...Have you ever noticed how school can be really 'boring' sometimes?


  1. I am interested to further my study too but I hate filling up the form.

  2. You should just apply and see and wait.Who knows you may get scholarship?Hopefully when you are sweet 80,you won't regret not trying.

  3. really angel? u should especially if ur younger than me. then it's worth it. u can serve longer and achieve greater things. i won't regret it. think i should focus more on my children now. or else it'll always be about myself u know..tx for the encouragement!


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