Sunday, 3 August 2008

Sunday ramblings...

I think it is working!! Hehe. Hopefully more of you will come on board and blog. Talk about anything under the sun (except politics...politics is dirty. Don't you wish to listen to good news on tv? Nowadays that's an impossibilty. Every night it's BAAAAD news!!). Am trying to decide whether I should change the dinner table in the kitchen. It's been ten years.. Tough decision this! You see, the table is big and fine but I'd really like the one with the marble top as it's easy to maintain. No need for table cloths anymore and wiping it will be a breeze. But sometimes I think it's a waste because the present one is still ok. I can be very fickle sometimes! Any advice?


  1. Nice site you have it here.

    Glass top is also fine. Been using it for more than 20 years now.

    Marble top ahh. Have to wait for another round of bonus lah.

    But if you have been longing for it for ages, go for it.

    Furthermore life is to short.:-)

  2. heehee..
    hey, u still rmmbr me???

    coolio, u got a blog olwedi..
    can blog-hop wit u..

    marble table if u want 2 indulge urself..
    old 1 if u want 2 keep d old sentiments..

  3. thanks guys. tak sangka ada peminat hehe. my hubby said no to marble top just keep the old one!! Save money lo

  4. hi sue ray,
    think i know you. m so excited about my newfound love- blogging!! however m still learning some things. The other day my students complained they couldn't leave a comment as there wasn't a link!! How come? This is what happens when you are not blog savvy!!

  5. buy one if that's your desire. life is short...:)

  6. Hai again Bob,

    My wife is also longing for a marble table top. It is going to cost me 7k.

    As for your che abang, I will call him soon to make him change his mind.
    As a sign of Love, marble table top is the answer.

    I will be getting one for her soon.
    But our kitchen is not that big thou'. Guest lucky star is on my side. But now she insisted that we should move to a bigger house with a bigger kitchen space.

    Hmmmm..Women !!!

    Fr Peminat
    ps. Always and forever your peminat. :-)

  7. yes, you should try and convince him (lots of luck!). Actually am bored with the furniture in the i go again. This word 'bored' is very interesting. People say if you're bored it means you don't have mush to do. Well, i don't think 24 hours is enough for me hehe. coming back to the topic of tables, i will get a marble top table someday just a matter of time. hope u'll get one for ur partner too eh. thanks peminat, have we met? hehe

  8. Hai, its me again.

    Being yr Peminat, my best advise to you is to just change to a new whatever from whatever you are bored with.
    Believe me, its works. I have done it and the whole life perspective change drastically.

    Not someday, do it now. Tomorrow perhaps.

    Jangan tukar Che Abang baru udah ler..:-)

    Have we met !!!
    Let me see. That is a tough question at this point of time.

    Let me put it this way. Let me be yr PEMINAT forever :-)

    Fr Peminat Setia.

  9. tx peminat setia. good advice

  10. Change your dining table?Go ahead!You should reward yourself!Find a shop which accept trade in.

  11. Tx anonymous. Good idea. my niece is interested to buy it second-hand. See hwo it goes!

  12. Don't think twice!I saw one in IOI Mall Kulai.I was tempted to buy but my dining area is too small.However,don't rush.Wait for Merdeka sale!

    On second thought,it is too heavy though.I don't think I can move it even an inch. is quiet beautiful.I might get one myself. Heh!Heh!Heh!

    Yet it is so costly the same price, I can get myself a jacuzi(is this the correct spelling?)Why don't you get one also? After a hard day work, you can soak yourself in it.Talking about it makes me calm already.

  13. Brilliant idea angel! a jacuzzi (correct spelling)eh? The one i like is Rozel's actually,about 5k. Will wait for the sale.

  14. Jacuzzi......I will buy one.


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