Monday, 2 March 2009

Current Project: The Pearl (Fm 5 Literature Component)

Today, Groups 3 and 4 presented Chapters 1 and 2 of The Pearl. Prior to that Groups 1 and two presented the setting and characters respectively. For information on how its done, click 'Literature Presentation Schedule' under Teacher's Junction in the sidebar. Despite some hiccups (Group 3 had too many mahjong papers!), both groups tried their best to explain (read?) the plot the two chapters. The brochures they prepared for everyone in the class were brilliant (top pictures). As instructed they had the chapter summary, group members' names and most importantly, they selected one significant event in the chapter and gave reasons why the event is important. I hope by going through the process, my ss will pick up something through their reading, gathering information and presenting it in the class. In addition I'm also killing two birds with one stone by assessing the oral component for Form 5.


  1. Salam,
    I tell you, you're a champion teacher.
    It's when I see people like you that I get motivated. Thanks for the boost.
    No classes for me till Thursday. Shall be on the track, switching roles- "The man In Red".

  2. the man in red eh? am glad if i motivated you and anyone else who visit my blog.i think teachers ahve alot to share but the sharing culture is lacking!! cheerio

  3. Assalammualaikum,
    Hi from a fellow teacher in JB. I'm in awe of your dedication and drive in teaching English Language. You inspire me to become a better educator. Carpe d'iem!

  4. hi.....i was a convent student....2000-2004 (class 1(1) to 5(1)...i really miss that school so much...girls rock!!! hehe...unfortunately i couldn't take spm there...well if u ask the other teachers about syiqin mazlan...they'd still remember i i'm giving free classes at the orphanage...just guiding 3 girls there...once a week...they asked me about the literature, but i cant really remember the notes as i dont have the books anymore after spm (2oo6@semai)....its a bit too late to say this, but "welcome to convent!!!"...hehhe...

  5. salam fadzleen,
    thanks for the motivation! Tell u what dear. MELTa conference is in puteri pan this june (visit the website). M presenting a paper. hope to see you there!

  6. hi cahaya,
    never too late :) am glad you're helping the orphanage. I've always wanted to do that but it hasn't happen yet. So you miss you old school eh? Shoudl come and visit us some time :)

  7. this is a wonderful idea. especially having photographs of your students taken and displayed. i'm sure the kids must be most excited (as they have become world famous too). An inovative idea - i hope i could do this too, someday in the new future

  8. are u referring to the brochure or the photos shanti? hehe well, i hope you will get some ideas from my blog anyway. happy blogging!


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