Sunday, 22 March 2009

The road is long...

These were some of the sms messages I received after the SPM 2008 results went public. To those who did well, congratulations. To those of who didn't quite get what you expected, hey, don't fret. You're still young. There's plenty of time and opportunities ahead of you so use them well! All the best!

1. Teacher I get A2 for English. I din take EST

2. Teacher I din expect dis la teacher...Eng I got A1 bt EST i gt B3...I'm sorry teacher

3. Our sch is 2nd in Johor 4 harian. 29th out of 232.(the tai pan's message:))

4. Hi teacher, _______here...i get teachers number from eva, i gt 4b 4 bm, a1 4 english, moral 5c, sejarah n maths 84, perdagangan 7d, ekonomi asas 6c, ert 3b...

5. Teacher, thanx for your guidance and support. Without you, I won;t have gone this far. A big thx 2 u . Take care^^ frm _______

6. Hi teacher, I got a2 4 eng. I really work hard 4 eng. I'm really dissappointed. I'. very sorry teacher. I should have work harder. Actually I have hated eng when _______was teaching me but after when teacher was teaching i love eng. I'm really sorry teacher.

7. Teacher will be proud of 5S1. Most of us get excellent result.

8.Yes, I'm Ahmad Hafiz. Well, I'm great and fine. alhamdulillah. i scored all a1 4 my spm. (ex sm sains johor student)

9. Wow! gd results..itz all thx 2 ur wrk. patient tchings n lenience 2wards each and every1 of us--we owe our success 2u..thx lotz 4 everything u done for us...ur awesome!

10. Wao!! That's terrific! haha I guess teacher is hoppin here n there right now ^^

11. Teacher im _____4fm convent....u were my teacher english teacher in form 4p1 remember?

12. Teacher, i gt 2a's, 3bs, b 4c's. BM n BI A, PM, MAT b BIO B, n others c. Teacher my dad is asking to do fm 6 bt im interested in pharmacist. so teacher, wat is yr advice about tat? frm______

13. Thank u teacher...hw r u getin on teacher? misin u teacher

14. i wish to see how happy teacher is right now. We'll be in sch this coming sat. But only 6 60 7 comin.

15. ______here! i got A1 and A2 for 1119...thnx a lot for your help!


  1. teacher..

    i got a1 for est n eng..but gce o level i got it good enough?? is it gce-o level affect any scholarship offer...

    i need ur advice..thanks..

  2. hi,
    congrats! u did well. a b3 for gce o level is a very repectable result. no worries ok. hope you will be successful in whatever you are applying for.

  3. Hai teacher^^ With only one quick glance, I can straight away find out the sms I wrote. Haha.



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