Saturday, 14 March 2009

MGC Kluang 2nd Meeting, 9 Mac 2009, SM Sains Johor

Salam and hi,
I've not been able to update lately due to disruptions in service. On top of that, I just got back my notebook after reformatting so that explains..But it's nice to know things have been fixed! Thanks to norshafiza from selangor and a lady teacher from Hulu Langat (sorry I can't remmember the name for now!!) who gave me positive comments on my blog. InsyaAllah I will respond to your email asap. Before I leave for IAB Jitra tomorrow, here are some photos of recent events.


  1. that the picture of SMSJ's lecture hall ..our batch don't get the opportunity to enter the hall..huhu

  2. Yes fairosza,
    I didn't get the chance too hehe. When I left, the were still doing the piling!!

  3. very nice to see the hall...
    BTW, how do you do?

  4. salam rozaidi,
    what took you so long? welcome to my blog! congrats for the straight A1's. Am proud of you. trie to connect with yahoo messenger but couldn't. don't know shy. i've just reformatted my notebook so yahoo messenger is ok now. keep in touch ok. miss u all :)


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