Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Adjudicators Course, Teacher's Day Debates 2009, National Level

Salam and hi,

Date: 15-18 Mac 2009
Venue:IAB Jitra, Kedah
Top pict: from left Mohan,Kanageswary, me, Lee at far back, front row from left Naga,Kenneth, Mei Yin
2nd pict from top: the sifus, ffrom left Mr Latif, Mohan and Mr Tn Syed Putra
Bottom pict: Kanageswary and me

15 teachers attended the above course in Jitra. The Johor team consisted of Shanmuganathan, Lee Leng Song and yours truly for English. Hj Yahya Shuib came for BM. We were trained by Mr Mohamad Latif from International Islamic University and Mr Mohan Veerasamy, a seasoned adjudicator. Theory was followed by video sessions of IIUM debaters which I found inspiring. I was here to finetune my knowledge and skills and I must complement Mr Latif for his expertise in the area. Having judged and taken part in world debating championships before, he had plenty to share and learn I did! Except for the acommodation, everything else was fine.


  1. got wrong spelling..

  2. hehe thanks anonymous. That's what happens when you are in a hurry :)

  3. Oh, you're so lucky you got to attend this course...after the English Teachers Debate Zone Level in Kuantan (2008), IAB said they wanted to organize this course. I've been waiting since then...although I did manage to get the powerpoint from Syed Putra last year.

  4. Hi Roslyn,
    Have we met? i know of one rosleen in kluang but i don't think this is the same person eh? yes, you can say that i was lucky! my first time for national level debates but have always judged state level.


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