Saturday, 14 March 2009

SPM 2008

Congratulations to all 2008 SPM candidates on your recent success! SMK Canossian Convent was awarded the second best day school in the state and is ranked 29 out of 232 schools. After the PMR award, this is definitely another feather in our hat. For English, the students did us proud by amassing 47A1s and 7 A2s thus reducing the GPS to 3.72- I believe the best so far. I am proud of my girls in 5S1 and 5S2:

5S1(34 ss): 32 A1s and 2 A2
5S2(25 ss): 7 A1s, 6A2s, 6B3, 5B4 and 1C5

5S1 (5 ss) : 4 A1s and 1 B3

All in all, both classes contributed 39 out of 47 A1s in the overall result. This result is important to me because I wanted to know if my teaching strategies worked as this was only my 2nd year in a day school. Michelle (ex 5S1) provided me with an important feedback today during the PIBG meeting -that my marking of ss essays was detailed and helpful. Thanks and congratulations Michelle for being the top student with 11 A1s and to Hazirah, Josie, Que Xi, Junni, Darchini, Shao Ting and the others for their award today.

Top Pict- outgoing PTA Chair, Mr Jordan Tang
2nd from top-parents
3rd from top-Hazirah and me
4th from top-Vani(English Panel colleague) and yours truly
Bottom Pict - with Michelle (SPM 2008 top student)


  1. Hey there, teacher. Well, I have not let you down right. LOL. Although I didn't score A(s) for my others subjects, I got two A1 for English and EST. Hehe. Thank God because I took EST. =) And Thank You for teaching me. I appreciate that.

  2. hi,
    congrats you did well. am proud of you :)

  3. Congratulations for the success of your students.Without your dedication and guidance, they shall not be able to do so well.
    Your blog is very well done and informative. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.


  4. Hai teacher^^ You have done a marvellous job nurturing the young's mind. Keep fighting dan take care.

  5. tx for dropping by chengma. I believe it takes two to tango! the teacher and the student

  6. hi michelle,
    ts vvery much. i think WE did a great job last year. let's hope for better things to come.

    ermm. WAHHH. 29 out of that many schools.. W-O-W~

    KEEP GOING teacher!
    I am sure this year's result will be even better! HAHA!!


  8. Hi Xue Qi,
    have i got the spelling correct? hehe i hope so. yes, we did it again and yes hopefully 2009 will be better. tx for dropping by. whatever you decide to do after this, i wish you all the best. if you miss me, you know where to find me hehe


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