Friday, 29 May 2009

Current Project: English Scrapbooks

These are some of the project work completed by students from all forms. The titles range from language items like idioms and useful phrases to literature. Prizes will be given to the five best projects from each form. Thanks to all teachers and students who made this a successful English Panel support programme!


  1. waa...
    teacher dat one my project work^^
    nice or not?
    is there any hope we can win?

  2. hi there,
    everybody has a chance. We've got the results but I can't remember whether yours was selected. Listen, even if you are in Pahang, you can still keep in touch via my blog ok. All the best!

  3. owh really?
    lol i hope we win it^^
    oh of course teacher^^
    but im not sure whether i
    can get any internet connection there
    but i'll still try to keep in touch wit u here

  4. That would be great hidaz-chan :). if you miss me you knwo where to look for me ok!


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