Sunday, 17 May 2009

Excellence in English Course for Teachers, 12-13 May 2009

On this fateful (stressful?) day, I went to 4RCA and taught as usual for the first two periods. I had to leave at 9.30 for BTPN as I had two slots to deliver in the course. The fax only arrived at 8.30! 52 teachers from bottom 50 schools all over Johor were waiting for me as I was told I had a session at 10.30! To cut a long story short, I managed to deliver 'Summary Writing' and 'Continuous Writing' to the teachers. Phew! Don't ask me how but I just managed, well maybe more than managed. I was pleased with the response from the group of teachers. It was a good mix this group. Showed them my blog and hope they will find something useful. Unfortunately, in all that madness, no pictures were taken at all. After all, a blog should consists of more words than pictures (read this somewhere) but it would be nice to have some pictures yaa..

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