Saturday, 30 May 2009

Hmm..a weighty problem

Ever felt tired often and your legs can't seem to be holding you weight? That's exactly what I have been feeling lately. But trying to lose weight is soooo hard!!! Don't eat rice they say, don't drink 3 in 1, don't eat fast food, don't take ice drink, eat green apples (something a friend has done for 4 months and has actually lost kilos I almost didn't recognise him!)- so many don'ts am not sure I can cope. Been going to Gunung Lambak once in a while to make sure I sweat and get rid of the toxins...Going to Bodypower (the gymnasium near the old market) is not my favourite choice at the moment although am a member. Been feeling sluggish and sleepy at times. Need to lose weight badly..........


  1. hi rahmah,
    u wanna lose weight? go 4 a complete mc check bp, cholestrol level,fat content n sugar blood etc then u ask for prof advice which programme is suitable 4u. oh yeah, my daughter said u look c u t e nw as it is. soo dont lose weight! heh heh. i like u jst the way u! (^_^O)

    *ur bosomfriend*

  2. hi anonymous,
    so ur daughter said i look cute eh? That's nice :) but seriously i have to lose weight laa..critical level already. no need to see doctor, i know the fat content hehe
    tx anyway. wonder who u are though!

    i wonder with so much time juggling everything u still cant lose weight?
    Maybe its the calorie count tht u shld be aware of. stay away frm rice altogthr, a friend did tht jst tkg vege soup 4 three mths n lost 3 kilos. i will die first wtht rice, he he.. m overwgt by 8kilos mind u. still fightg to lose a few kilos 2 get my correct bmi....

  4. 8 kilos is still ok dear. Me? hehe don't even guess!!


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