Sunday, 17 May 2009

Professional Development 3, 16 May 2009

Top pict: Diamond 9 group dynamics
2nd from top: Punniah rendering a 'syair' in her presentation
3rd from top: The tai pan
4th from top: Sham, our sweet MC and my ever efficient AJK Potluck!
5th from top: Ustazah Anita lost for words during the ice-breaking session :)
6th from top: Yours truly
Bottom: Madam Ng and group immersed in discussion

Professional development on Teacher's Day? You read right. Don't worry, no poor vision on your part. This was my first in 22 years!! school is always full of surprises. I really admire my colleagues- so patient and obedient. The rebel in me will be screaming first before the job is done! :) But we had a good session although you couldn't deny the restlessness in the air especially the after lunch session amidst the calm facade. However, Teacher's Day celebration has been postponed to Monday and LDP had to be done before July so that explains... I wondered what the teachers were thinking though? Well, this was what I was thinking...I was happy to share whatever knowledge I had with the many young teachers in the school. I started off with a short ice-breaking session (Paper Ball) as that wasn't done before the first session. This was followed by some input on Critical and Creative Thinking and the demands of the 21st century. A worskhop session ensued with groups having to discuss a focus question and nine statements related to the question. (Thanks to Faz, the counselor, who helped me mix the teachers from the morning and afternoon sessions, young and old, as I was still in Terengganu!). Each group had a rep to present their consensus and rationalise them. In retrospect, i think they enjoyed the Diamond 9 session very much- some even came to tell me how much they enjoyed the group dynamics! This is reward in itself- in more ways than one. Just for the record, we had three sessions altogether: Infusing Critical and Creative Thinking in Teaching (Rahmah Hj Sayuti), 'Penambahbaikkan Sekolah melalui Pembangunan Sahsiah Pelajar' (Northip Prakjun) and 'Penyeliaan P and P' (Pn Hjh Mahizan). Despite the double-layered plastic chairs and the heat, the sessions were informative and enjoyable. I certainly consolidated my understanding of clinical supervision in Hjh Mahizan's session. Tx for sharing and bravo to the organising committee and all teachers!!

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