Saturday, 30 May 2009

Professional Development in SMK Tun Hussein Onn, 30 May, 2009

It was a wet morning and the sun was about to show its head as I reached the roundabout towards school. My first session was with 5 Science 2 in 5RCA where 33 out of 40 students came for the extra class. We dealt with the common errors in SVA and articles in their writing. This was also in response to their class journal where some requested me to teach them more grammar. At 10.45 a.m, I had a session with 67 teachers from SMK Tun Hussein Onn from 10.45 a.m-12.45 p.m. Pn Normah, the principal invited me to share my action research. During the workshop session, I was in time for a presentation from the Science group and went through a report already completed by a Maths teacher and a proposal by an Economics teacher. It was interesting that during our discussion, the Maths teacher realised her area and scope of research was too wide hence making the interventions complicated and unclear. She wanted to deal with three things at the same time. However, it was a commendable effort on her part. The teachers seemed very enthusiastic to carry out their research and I was glad help.

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