Sunday, 24 May 2009

Teacher's Day

Teacher's Day was celebrated on the 18th of May. The students put up wonderful performances from zapin to the Indian dance. I thought the teacher's drama was excellent and the Fm 5 sketch was hilarious (although the English used was very colloquial...) Poh Yee acted really well. Congrats! Didn't know she had such a talent. Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers!


  1. wah teacher
    u joined the indoor games?
    i thought u'll be joining us at the field for outdoor games^^
    anyway, as long as u happy
    i also happy ^0^

  2. hehehe i played congkak, batu seremban etc. Actually, ivy came to the sfaffoom to ask teachers what they wanted to play. So I opted for indoor games. Hope your group won!!


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