Sunday, 17 May 2009

Teacher's Debate, National Level, Terengganu,13-15 May 2009

I judged the semi-finals between Penang and Melaka in the national level Teacher's Debate in Terengganu. This was the first time that I was selected to judge at the national level and how can you refuse that. Given the new format ( the motion is made known only one hour before), I found that the quality of arguments (substance)rather lacking- definitely something the committee need to look into next year. Really nice to meet an old friend, Sakhiyah and daughter Anis who happens to lecture in IPGM Dato Ahmad Razali, the venue for the debate. So much to catch up with :)


  1. Salam. Kak Rahmah since you judged the debate between Melaka & Penang. Could you pls inform me what Melaka team could improve on?Suggestions?TQ

  2. Opps .....By the way, it's me Ija MOZAC who's asking

  3. hi ija,
    Ist speaker was a slow speaker..took too long to say the points. no definition am afraid! He was too concerned with his language that he took up too much time and sometimes it was a pain waiting for his points. am afraid he didn't do a very good job as a opp leader. 2nd speaker had the points and rebuttals alright but delivery was very staccatoed and at times 'robotic'- not convincing. 3rd speaker-language excellent. decorum? no! he lacks the poise and demeanour as a debater. he has to address the issues and not sway the audience with his flair in language. however, it;s not too bad- reaching the semis is respectable. cheerio


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