Monday, 25 May 2009

When an x-student comes knocking...

It was great to see Faiz (x-smsj) after all these years! But he is as skinny as ever. Put on more weight la..So you still remember your old teacher eh? That was very thoughtful of you. Good to know Faiz is now working with PriceWaterhouse and Coopers (hope I got this right !) It's a great firm and a reputable one. Thanks for the gift. I will frame it because it's really nice. Hope to meet Faiz again when am in Melaka. One question though- dah ada girlfriend ke? hehehe...


  1. Salam, where can i get a copy of WISE module?

  2. hi,
    am afraid we don't have copies anywmore. all distributed to schools by the PPD. btw it's meant for very weak students definitely not mozac's!


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