Monday, 22 June 2009

Cooperative Day, 21 June 2009

Top pict: Madam Tan watering the plants
2nd pict: Mr Low putting in soil
3rd pict: Mr Cheng @chengma transfering the new plants
Bottom: Madam Tan aka the Principal and Mr Puran watering the plants

This morning we celebrated the Cooperative Day at the school level. Speeches were given and awards were presented to the cooperative committee members. Madam Tan, my principal then put to test her gardening skills by transfering (not planting ok :)) some healthy plants into beautiful pots donated by the school cooperative as a symbolic celebration of the day. Mr Cheng (Senior Assistant Co curricular), Mr Low (Maths and Sci Head of Department) and Mr Puran (Head of Languages) also had a hand in putting new soil and watering the plants. The new plants were placed in front of the office and they are a pleasure to look at. More greens to greet you in the mornings most definitely! We really should have more flowers in the school compound. Since our school is small, it shouldn't cost too much. I always dream of the school having beautiful gardens and corners. It is rather bare at present. But nobody seems to be interested in beautifying the school...You know what, a great compound and good exam results would definitely complement one another!


  1. mr Low!!! mr Cheng!!! hehe....miss them so much....well its true that our school didnt have so much flowers or beautiful trees....but i really love those big trees near the canteen...dont u love them,madam? they seemed to change due to seasons too....but just falls and spring..hehe....i really miss the moments before they cleared the bush behind Bakhita building (the classrooms) to build houses....bila angin bertiup kencang....ia turut menerbangkan daun-daun kering pokok-pokok was so amazing....i remember a teacher had to stop her speech at the assembly for a while because the students were distracted by the nice view.we were still having assembly at Dewan Merah that time...

    please convey my love to mr cheng and mr low....tell them i'm syiqin who always wore sunglass to school..the doc posponded my spm in 2004 too...i was in 5 science 1...hope they still remember me....

    do visit me at k....nice to read your blog...

  2. can i save the photos too?? mr cheng looked so cute with that pose...

  3. hi cahaya,
    i will send them your regards. u surely have lots of memories of smcc. well i've just been here about 3 years and i've never experienced the falling leaves you so vividly remember. nostalgic isn't it? i can i magine it actually..i have quite a vivid imagination you know. when i read novels, i can 'feel' the description and 'see' it if you catch my drift hehe. will visit your blog as soon as i can. sure you can use the photos dear :)

  4. heheh....thanks...yes i do have a lot of memories there....good and bad...i was suppose to stay in STK...but dont know why i think convent suits me i left stk for convent in form 1...i never regret it!!!

    i'm going to have another reunion with my malay classmates next week (just 5 of u know..not much malay girls in the 1st class, rite..) we are so proud to be convent girls....we always sing these lines~ every where we go...people want to know...who we we tell them...we are from convent...mighty mighty convent...Go Convent!!~

  5. gosh! cahaya you are definitely a convent girl through and through! i wish i could say the same thing though. i have a secret to tell you (hehe alhough a open secret given the channel!!) i haven't quite made it to the convent fraternity am you know i've just been here about 3 years. i love the students you know but i need more time to love the school. it's too complicated to tell you. i have too many ghosts from my old school following me everywhere i guess hehe. i don't hate the school either and i never regret leaving sains johor, but as i said i probably need more time. u should give me some advice and tell me more about what u like about your old alma mater eh :)

  6. hey teacher...oh my gosh!! cooperative day was a blast i guess...hahaha!! oh boy am i missing ol the fun pack action back in Convent...In my skul it was like zombies singing choir...I reli got no c0menz...!! :)

  7. are u in stik now renu? missin glink in my head hehe

  8. hahahaha.....i guess the 4+ years spirit of being a convent student is still here in us (most of the convent girls)...we're not very obidient before..hehe....we did break the rules like not speaking english on monday and tuesday....heheh...but always escaped (coz the prefects are our friends and classmate..huhu..the broke that rule either...shyyy...dont tell the principal, huh? 0__o) tell me why u cant adapt to the school totally? about that cross everywhere...i dont like it they still have that?

  9. hi syikin,
    no nothing to do with that. i just need time. it's a different culture i still haven't come to terms with-more empowerment and trust in my old school that's for sure. But there are many good things here too. i learn to save on papers, photostats, to switch off power points even for a short while :), dress suitably for sports day (i never wear the sports shirt the school gives as it doesn't fit!), improve my listening skills during meetings , just to mention a few learning points. Hey, i'm basically being reeducated :)

  10. how does it improve your listening skills anyway? well....that school is like that...try as much as possible to cut the would be worse (err..i meant more alert and cost effective :P) before when we're still under sister mary....hehe...she's very strict..but thats what made convent stands where it is now, isnt it? my best friend continued her stpm in another school before...and u know what? she quit her job as prefect because she cant stand the environment there...i dont know....i'm not saying that the dicipline there is not good...but just not the same as our friend said she couldnt stand it when even prefects come late to school....brought handphones....and the worst was, nobody listened to her suggestions in the meeting....

    when we were still in convent...we actually found it quite hard too...well i dont know about others...but i didnt want to be late even a would be embarassing to let people see u lining up outside the hall, right...saya pernah sekali dua je kot kena sepanjang 4 tahun lebih di sana...fuhhh =_=~..had to speak english on monday and tuesday...have to make sure we understood everything they said at the assembly...hehe..totally english...but its a good thing as we left the school...being a convent girl....even we cant speak properly or too shy to speak (thats me la..hehe) least me can understand what people say..

    dont worry about your love to the school...we normally realise that we love something only when we're about to loose it.....we (my friends and i) never knew that we love convent so much until we really left the school....

    aiyak...i wrote too much here....macam karangan pulak..hehhe...tu la dulu mr puran bagi homework selalu lambat hantar....ada yang tak pernah hantar langsung (not me :P)...huhu...shyy...thats a secret again....hahha...

  11. hi syiqin,
    thanks for sharing your experiences. i sure could use some of them.

  12. hi there! A lots of memory during my schooling days at convent school - since kindergarden until std 3, then move to johor baru. then, back to kluang and contd back form 2 till form 5 (1990)- that time was under Sister Mary. I'm glad to be convent girl as i'm really miss my school.

    eventhough i'm now @ KL, but 2 of children now is schooling there (kindergarden). My mother is helping me to look after them as I noticed that my childred learn english much better there. I also missed my freinds which I am unable to contact them.

  13. hi anonymous,
    i'm glad my blog is getting responses from x-smcc students. wow! ur another die hard convent girl eh :) yeah some things are great here but some things suck hehehe. i guess you are looking from an x-student's perpective but i am looking from a teacher's perpective. no offence meant- am just thinking aloud. after all this is MY blog..thanks for sharing your views. i guess nowhere is perfect and i must look at the postive aspects :)


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