Sunday, 28 June 2009

I just discovered this wonderful site to share with all of you. If you are looking for a dictionary with a difference, then this is the place to go. You can upload a video on your favourite word and share it with others. This will appeal to visual learners. Go to


  1. eh, different look again? :)

  2. hehe vee wen tukar selera :) hopefully this one stays.too much time taken...i need more than 24 hours a day (evadne wrote this in her journal and i absolutely agree!)

  3. Vee Wen,

    U know laa, teacher always tukar-tukar one.

    In the ISO world, we call it continual improvement for the better.

    Teacher keep up the good work and dont forget to keep tukar-tukar.

    Im behind you always and selalu
    senyum-senyum when you passby me everyday.

    Fr HH

  4. salam..I promoted your blog to my students. I hope u don't mind. (I'm one of the SMA teachers who really enjoy searching materials from websites n blogs.we met at the Effective Teacher Talk in Pasir Gudang somewhere in March)

  5. salam kak sue,
    thanks very much. i hope my blog is useful

  6. HH creating suspense again :)

  7. ahamm, ahamm

    Well, you know me.:-)
    Forever creating suspense
    when opportunities arise.

    Love your Blog and your story
    aspecially the one when you travel
    all the way to Segamat for a Siamese kitten.

    Now and then when you throw in
    any side stories for good measure
    would be interesting.

    Fr HH

  8. moonmkhan (sedara)9 July 2009 at 00:03

    Hi Kak Rahmah, you have such an excellent blog. FYI I've created mine but still a lot to learn, especially from u. Hope don't mind teaching me. My students start commenting even though it is a simple blog. Congratulations!!!!!

  9. maimunah is it? congrats! u need to sit for hours in front of ur pc to learn how to do it. anyway, should be a good start. mine is just a simple one


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