Saturday, 4 July 2009

Chocolate cake for 4RC, 29th June 2009

On Monday, I baked the long promised chocolate cake for 4RC. They told me they loved it! This time the cake rose slightly higher than usual. Could be due to the baking powder I used. Anyway, I was busy typing away when I smelled something burnt! I ran to the oven and adjusted the temperature as the top part was still not fully cooked and thank God, the cake came out alright. I've baked this hundreds of time so I couldn't have got it wrong.Glad they liked it!


  1. hehe

    Teacher always burned things.
    Burned scramble egg.
    Burned fish & chips.

    Anyway, I like teachers' food
    very much.

    Fr HH

  2. wah....saya pun nak jugak!!! hehehe....

  3. u have to come to convent then cahaya :)

  4. since when did i burn things eh? a figment of your imagine HH!

  5. ingat lg mse potong kek coklat ni kat kantin dulu...
    kelas 3 set 2...

  6. and my friends did plan to go back there but had to cancel last minute....hehhe....segan ar nak balik sana...hehhee....

  7. yes rozaidi, i remember too. i baked 2 trays right? and we had makan-makan after extra class :)

  8. hehe,

    I got it all witten down.
    dates and time,

    Mostly in early 1980ies
    and end of 70ies.

    Don't worry, Im not going to disclose it all.

    Acah acah jer.

    Fr HH

  9. hehe....segan la....havent been there for a very long time...

  10. well cahaya, no chocolate cake then hihi

  11. temberang !!

    wait till I upload dlm UTube.

    waaa ..teacher already DG54.
    Is it near enough to Jusa?

    Better hurry up before 55,
    another 7 more years to go.

    Then Pencen,
    then we open up Kedai Kek.

    I will put on yr desk a booklet
    on "How To Open A Cake Bis"

    Fr HH

  12. salam hh,
    i never told u about the did u know??

  13. :-)

    waalaikum salam Teacher.

    I read between the lines of everyword you wrote here.

    Furthermore teacher is my favourate and I wouldn't want to miss such a thing.

    Globalisation and informations is at the end of your mousetips
    What can you say more.

    Fr HH

    ps. Howcome teacher just make donno
    when passby me tis morning:)

  14. poor hh and his wild imaginations hehe :)

  15. teacher,thanks for d cake nice and v r glad that teacher still rmb and keep ur promise...thanks....

  16. ur welcome! am glad u liked it!


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