Sunday, 12 July 2009

Class Journal (5S2)

I've decided to share with you an entry written by ___ in the class journal. I'm a firm believer of journal writing. My students have an individual journal and my classes have a class journal. The class journal is a platform for students to write about the lesson we just had and to voice out suggestions. Some students voice out things they are normally 'scared' to mention to me directly! Of course they write nonsense too at times :)But they find comfort and freedom to write and I will have achieved my aims because they are using English!! In addition, we are also constantly ommunicating for the betterment of our English classes. You'll be surprised that your 16-17 year olds have a lot to say and they say it honestly. I think we should also listen to our students (within reason of course) as they are our clients and best judge. Here's an entry I'd like to share. (Ignore the mistakes - they are still learning :))

Yo, yo, yo! _____ here ^^ Let me tell you a small secret. At first when I heard that our English teacher is a Guru Cemerlang, I felt very nervous and scared. This is because I always thought that Guru Cemerlang will be very fierce and the way they teach will be very boring. But teacher you make me change my mind. The way you teach is very interesting (Except the extra class, very tired and boring).
The most I like is group work becaue I don't have to figure out all the answers by my own. I can share an opinion with my group members. Beside that, the song activities is also very good for us. Even though I am not really a good singer but I really enjoyed the atmosphere during that time, Everyone in class seem very close to each other ^^
I hope teacher will happy and enjoy every moment that we spent together. I also hope teacher don't always complain to me. I feel stress and dissapointed. Believe to me , less complaint your life will be more happy. But I still want to apologise to teacher for what our class has done^^. Please keep in contact with me all the time, even though after SPM^^Thanks for your love and We Love You Also.


  1. this is great. I 've never heard of class journal before. (seperti katak bawah tempurung???) I used to ask them to write something in their journal (in which they rarely did). Introducing a class journal might be interesting.

  2. why don't you try it kak sue?

  3. well, i never got the oppurtunity to write in the class journal before..

  4. yes but u had your personal journal right? bet u hate writing it hehe

  5. salam puan, what's a class journal?

  6. hi nuha,
    a class journal is where students take turns to comment on the lesson that has just just taken place and the teacher responds. the journal is rotated among students so each will have the opportunity to say what they feel. i learn a lot from the students comments and they can be very frank :)


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