Sunday, 12 July 2009

Co Curricular Day, 11 July 2009

The ELDSS decided to display the project work done by all the forms on this day. We did not have much time to prepare hence we came up with a personality test and language games for visitors. Thanks to Vanitha and Dewi for manning the booth. All in all there was a lot of buying and selling going on and a stall called MJ (Michael Jackson) stole my attention!


  1. Hallo teacher, michelle here. I'm currently studying ADTP( American Degree Transfer Program) in Taylors Subang Jaya. My life here is so stressful. In order to enter US universities, we need to sit for SAT and TOEFL end of this year, so right now every scholars are struggling to boost up their english.

    Sorry for troubling teacher, but I have a request. I sincerely need the help from teacher to write me a recommendation letter to apply to Ivy Leagues. I really need someone who truly understand me and I'm sure teacher is the person I can count on.

    So teacher, can you help me?! I will contact teacher once I have a clearer picture on this whole application process.

  2. hi michelle,
    hope you are doing great! of course, just let me know the details. take care

  3. Thank you teacher. And sorry for the late reply. ^~


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