Sunday, 7 February 2010

Bread-making Class Anyone?

Wan doing the practical
Murniyati measuring the ingredients
The sifu in action...
The apprentice at work..
From left, Su, Maria, Murni and Anita...gelek jangan tak gelek!
Maria (hands only) showing off the cherry buns...
Our Pizza Buns! Unbelievable!
Cherry Buns and Cheese buns!

No not English matters today ok...How about bread making? Oh what a morning I had today! No regrets attending this baking class with Radziah, our ERT teacher and her friend Hjh Hamidah. I certainly enjoyed leraning how to make pizza bun, cheese bun, cherry bun and 'roti Arab berinti'. Learned many tips too from Siti Jariah from SSAJ. About 15 of us were there (Maria, Suhaily, Marina, Murniyati, Wan, Salmah, Anita and me from SMCC) and I'm definitely looking forward to the next class! Thanks to the chefs Radziah and her friends :)

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