Friday, 26 February 2010

A Date with Jabatan Agama...

Ziha and I training the Jabatan Agama teachers
The participants

Date: 24-25 February 2010
Venue: Tropical Inn, JB
Literature Component 2010 Course for 26 Jabatan Agama Teachers

Finally, I have time to update my blog...well, this was a date with Jabatan Agama teachers who needed assistance with the new literature component for 2010. It was a great experience but I had expected the teachers to be a bit more active. I truly hope we (Noziha and I) were able to impart as much as possible to the teachers. Many of them were young and inexperienced. Perhaps what's best for them is back to basics pedagogy because they lack the basics in teaching. What they need I think is basic input on methodology- the how to teach sort of thing... Still, I hope they will pick up some good pointers and try them in class. I couldn't stay to watch their drama performance, but was told they put up a fine show. Congratulations!  I must say a big thank you to Pn Shamsiah for inviting us and to Noziha my co-trainer. The food in Tropical Inn was out of this world-really delicious! For one who dislikes mutton, I had mutton beriani that day :)  and 'pulut hitam' as dessert and mousse and sponge-cake with fresh cream....who needs a diet? On Thursday evening I resumed with confidential work in Suria City-thanks to En Mad, the Jabatan Agama driver who chauffered me all the way to Suria City. Thank God for the Maulidur Rasul break- really need this. Got to resume the action research lesson am doing with 5S1 next week. Miss the sports day-wonder who won? Yellow House? Naaahh.....


  1. hi Puan Rahmah..

    it has been ages since I last commented in yr blog :)
    actually I was trying to search for d f4 lit materials that I came across this post..huhu.. great to see u with the Agama teachers again. I was supposed to join too, but I've gone for the Batu Pahat level - so Pn Shamsiah said that I do not need to go for the second time.. hehe.. but I really enjoyed my 2 days course at PKG Ayer Hitam.It gave me tons of ideas to carry out the lit f4 in class. I even implemented a few activities with my students and they enjoyed them very much. Bye!

  2. salam kak sue,
    what a pleasant surprise!! yeah after so long..and missed u in the course. great to know ur doing wonderful things with your students!


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