Sunday, 28 February 2010


After much thinking (and time wasted), I've applied for postgraduate study in UTM. This seems to be the best time to pursue it as my daughter is graduating in April and my son is in STAR Ipoh. Looking at me applying online a while ago, I couldn't believe my husband's support- had to pinch myself. Well, time to work on a proposal...wish me luck!


  1. really?
    wish you all the best for the dr. title..

    i cant wait to call u Dr. Rahmah..

  2. omg!! now this is something fantastic!!! cool!!! :) i seriously can't wait to see receive the DR. post!! wohoooo yippie :) break a leg!! lolx...

  3. tx renu, such a shame u couldn't make it for tea the other day. u know what sinusha asked? "Teacher, why are u doing this" (taking them out). i was amused! hehe. i said "I'm this sort of person,(take students out) why?" Her reply to this was, "No teacher has ever done this to us". hehe another amusing reply i thought :)

  4. yeah you should be teacher! but am not that amused after all. She actually asked me the same question before this...!! hahaa.... i guess she could not believe her own eyes that she's going for a tea with you... =))

    n yeah am really sorry i could not make it :( I had literature classes and so many other obligations in school. You know teacher am the STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT in my school now! It's like putting all eggs in one basket condition!! Too much pressure and they are also targeting me to score 5A'S 4 stpm :( too much pressure :D hehehe

    despite that... i need your blessings..coz i look up to you the most in my life...:)

  5. wow..dat is sure u make a great 'dr.rahmah'... all the best..

  6. GooD Luck ...!!! i know u can do it...


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