Saturday, 19 June 2010

Teaching Vocabulary

Some materials I have used for teaching vocabulary. I will need to use them soon judging by my Form 4 class performance in the recent mid-year exam! Boy I need to rethink my strategies!! They can't handle full-length essays so I will need to look at paragraphs instead- which is what my new book is all about.I  hope to design some materials suited to their ability and see how they progress. This will also involve modifying my scheme of work for this class. And don't forget vocabulary too- this reminds me of Wilkins who said,  " Without grammar, little is conveyed, without vocabulary nothing is conveyed."


  1. Hello Miss Rahmah, I'm a new teacher teaching in a Felda school in Negeri Sembilan. Is there any way for me to get my hands on copies of those delicious looking vocabulary books of yours? It will be an abundance of help to me and my kids. You can reach me at I'm willing to pay for postage if the softcopy is not available :)

    1. hi kzee tay,
      pls remind me to get back to you ok. am overseas 11-16th. catch me after that. will try to look for the softcopy :)

  2. Hello hello! It's the 17th here in Malaysia and I hope its not too soon to contact you! I hope you found the soft copy (or hard, it matters not) of the vocab book? Oh my I'm so excited to get this book circulated in my school!!

  3. Salam Miss Rahmah, I also want to get these excellent vocabulary books. Please. it will be a great help for me. If softcopy is available, it is a great honour if you could sent to me thanks.

  4. May I get one copy from you too, teacher? It would be great if you can send me the soft copy of WISE module too. My asli students need the books so much. Thanks. My email:

    Thanks a lot.

  5. dear anonymous,
    i have uploaded the 1000 words vocab booklet. if you missed it, go to left tab under 'tried and tested'. i'm afraid i've lost softcopies for the others. don't forget to adapt ya :)

  6. dear teacher,
    why the answer key is incomplete?

  7. hi jeriah,
    i'm surprised it's incomplete. however the vocabulary is simple enough. you should be able to work it out yourself. best!

  8. salam cikgu,

    your vocab module will be helpful for my back classes (i have 3 form 4 classes of students who failed OR ENGLISH 2012). Can i have a softcopy? Do email me at : TQVM. god bless u......

  9. salam cikgu...i am interested to have ur module and use them in my school..i'm teaching in a rural area so i think this module will be a great help..please email me at

  10. salam... am interested to have ur module...pls email me at
    tq so much...


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