Friday, 24 December 2010

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

The new academic term is not too far way, one week left to enjoy your holidays before we are back to the grindstone. The final week of hols is usually that time of the year when I take stock of the year's happenings; the successes, disappointments, learnings and what I could have done differently. This reflection can make a big difference before I plan 2011. During the last week of the hols, I'm usually busy:

  • completing my schemes of work
  • updating the resource files for the forms I will be teaching
  • photocopying the materials needed for the first week of school - a stack of vocabulary materials will be given to 5S2 on the very first day of school itself. This time around I want them to start off straightaway with hard work!
  • updating the perfomance file for all the classes I taught in 2010
  • looking for online materials 
  • planning for ELDSS programmes

 In 2011 I'd like to:
  • try two innovations am working on at the moment- one at the class level and the other at district level
  • do less of the same
  • use a grammar module for my classes
  • use a vocabulary module for all my classes
  • give short tests after every grammar unit learned to check progress- something I couldn't do in 2010
  • manage the journal-writing more effectively
  • use more ICT
  • write a book for English teachers professional development
  • set up a MELTA chapter in Kluang
  • attend a short course on creativity  

      I hope 2011 will be a great year of oportunities and achievements for you and me!


      1. You are certainly keeping yourself usefully busy preparing for classes which will begin soon. Is there any wonder why you have been so successful in your profession?

        What makes me admire you more is how you took my cynical remarks in a very sporting manner. To me a person possessing such ability is one who will never stop to improve herself/himself. My earlier career expected of me to instill forthrightness among staff in my organisation - never hold back constructive criticisms, and accept being criticised with readiness to improve.

        Some time ago with every good intention I pointed to a blogger certain errors. Lo and behold, how he reacted! He literally lost his head over that, and without munching his words, he practically told me to buzz off if I did not like what and the way he wrote! And I half expected that from you. Instead you have proved to me what you are made of, not that it matters to you what I say.

        I wish you more success in the new year.

      2. thanks pakcik. i love what i do so..oooops..must use the correct punctuation :)

        I love what I do so it's nothing too difficult for me. Alhamdulillah I have come this far not through my effort alone but also those whom I've worked together with. I couldn't have done it alone, that's for sure.

        I understand when you are being cynical and provocative but it does not mean I have to be angry. My time in England taught me to speak my mind and at the same time to tolerate other points of view. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed some banter from time to time as it makes me think..after all my tagline is 'the thinking teacher' :) If that was a test of my patience, I can assure you that I'm a very patient person hehe!

        I appreciate the friendship we have pakcik and I hope the new year will also usher in good health, happiness and God's blessings in abundance for you and your family.

        See I passed the punctuation test too :))

      3. May this coming new year brings more good fortune to you.

      4. tx rozaidi. i hope the new year will bring you execellent results, opportunities and good health!!

      5. Alhamdulillah and congratulations to you. Life is sharing. So, you've done that part and benefit others. Keep it up and all the best you always.

      6. tx maimunah,
        happy new year! may the coming year bring you good health and success.


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