Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Reading Club 9: Live Life with Spice (Eric. A. Waldburger)

Some important learning points from the latest book I've read:
According to the author, SPICE stands for:

                                    S  parkling
                                    P  assionate
                                    I   inspiring
                                    C  redible
                                    E  ngaging
  • the sky is not the limits...
  • punctuality
  • being humble despite your achievements- make humility your weapon of choice
  • your health is your number one priority
  • your temper has a safety catch. keep it on at all times
  • don't be a copycat, be creative
  • when complacent, you simmer, when hot, you sizzle!
  • living with a light heart will give you wings to soar to great happiness
  • seize the moment when it mattered most
  • reward will come to those who set out to achieve their targets with dedication, hard work, respect for others and fair play
  • smile the day away

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