Thursday, 30 December 2010

Schemes of Work : Forms 1-5

Looking for schemes of work?

I firmly believe that your scheme of work must be tailored to your students' levels and needs. Therefore I have separate schemes of work for the different CLASSES that I teach. I am aware that many teachers prefer a standardised scheme of work but from experience, you will usually evaluate your class progress and may have to make changes to your scheme of work say in mid-term. I'd like to think of it as something flexible and needs to be revised from time to time.  Hence, it's best that you plan what's suitable for your own students.

Preparing the scheme of work is essentially our core business as teachers, so take time to do it either individually or collaboratively with your panel members. You could have teachers preparing scheme of work for the weaker classes and another group preparing for the better classes. That way, you take into account what your students really need for the new academic year. You will find that it's rewarding to actually plan your work  via your scheme of work and to work out your plan! Suffice to say that cutting and pasting someone else's scheme of work is something we must avoid :) I posted on this sometime back and suggested a format for it too. You may disagree with the format so feel free to adapt according to your needs.

Since many have requested via email for the 2011 scheme of work, I have uploaded them as a guide. You can refer to the schemes of work uploaded on the tabs above or the left sidebar.

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