Saturday, 1 October 2011

Kluang District Action Research Seminar 2011

Date: 1st Oct 2011 (Saturday)
Venue: PPD Kluang

Tn Hj Shaharudin Basri Ibrahim giving a welcome speech
Cg Maulana and his research...

making my point...

the jury

another presenter

A total of 269 action research were submitted by Kluang teachers from primary and secondary schools and all the reports were evaluated by a committee. Ten best research were selected from primary and secondary schools and all researchers were given the chance to present today. Prior to that, a pre-seminar stage was held to help presenters fine-tune their presentations. Tn Hj A. Manaf Muslimin, District Education Officer was present to give the opening speech. Each teacher-researcher was given 15 mins plus 5 minutes of Q and A from a panel of jury. I was the sixth participant to share my action research entitled " A Piece of Cake: Using multiple contexts to enhance the understanding of idioms in 5S1". 

I seem to have a habit of exceeding the time limit these days, a 'virus' I picked up at ICELT :)) I took an extra one minute or so to complete everything. The Q and A? Well, it was tough I thought- five questions thrown by the jury and yours truly tried her best to answer them all. Overall I like the questions asked throughout the seminar as they were probing and thought-provoking questions...especially that of Pn Zam Zam Abas. 

I was quietly embarrassed to be the most senior in the group of presenters...eight out of ten presenters were young! Maybe I should call it quits after this one but the problem is I love doing research.  It keeps my mind agile and active! My last participation was in 2009 when I won the district and state level and went on to win the Dr Basil Wijsuriya Award at Melta 2009 for the same research. Time will tell if I should stop and train the young ones who are interested in research perhaps. Meanwhile I look forward to the state level seminar come October!

Results for secondary category:

The jury announced that the following were the best presentations (not in any order):
Mr Mohd Maulana Masbor (SMK Dato Abdul Rahman Andak)
Pn Che Hasnah Nuh (SMK Spg Renggam)
Pn Rahmah Hj Sayuti (SM Sains Sembrong) 

***En Zainuddin from PPD Kluang informed me later in the evening that I will represent Kluang for the secondary category to the state level action research seminar in Kulai on the 15th October 2011. Will do my best and make Kluang proud and stick to the T.I.M.E :))


  1. Such event never takes place in my hometown Miri. How to participate in it? I am sure I will gain a lot of knowledge from activities like this.

  2. hi sintaicharles,
    i'm sure miri has action research seminar or courses. it's the in-thing hehe. best to find out from the education office ya. best!

  3. Saidatul Izdihar4 October 2011 at 18:16

    Saidatul from Sabah here..cikgu, do you mind sharing your AR with me..i would love to know what you have done with your students there...thank you..

  4. wassallam saidatul,
    i will upload to my blog soon. give me some time since am in kl for a meeting :)


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