Thursday, 27 October 2011

National Convention for Excellent Teachers 2011

Date: 21-24 October 2011
Venue: IAB Jitra, kedah

The MGCM convention just ended. I had to miss the closing ceremony as MAS changed my flight to 9.25 a.m. Overall, congratulations is in order for JNJK officers (En Zulkifli Nordin, Ketua Unit GC, JNJK) and MGCM committee members for a well-organised event. We received a lot of input from big names  but I was slightly disappointed that there were only eight papers for the parallel sessions. I must thank JNJK though for selecting my paper and I'm truly honoured. However, since this was a 'persidangan', I thought more emphasis should have been given to the papers. This will inevitably raise standards amongst GCs. I also expected more academic rigour in the conference as this was a national level event and excellent teachers were involved. Perhaps an ideas market on innovations by excellent teachers could also be inserted in future conferences to encourage creativity and innovation?

My paper was on the use of two web 2.0 tools to improve writing and critical thinking. Despite the technical glitches, I managed to share the digital notebook online. This was a project that involved two classrooms in my former school, SMK Canossian Convent, Kluang. Many teachers gave positive feedback after the presentation and I'd like to thank JNJK for the opportunity.

The talk I enjoyed most was Dr Rusmini Ku Ahmad's, Senior Lecturer IAB Jitra. She touched on innovative people who always ask these questions- WHY? WHY NOT? and WHAT IF? I like the part when she talked about FB (yes, facebook) - a gentle reminder to all of us. She was amazed at how people relate every single thing that they do for e.g. what they ate, where they were going, what they were feeling etc. For FB junkies like me (am a guilty party), this was a timely reminder. Dr Rusmini candidly pointed out, "Too much of anything is not good. Trivial matters train your brain into triviality." Thank you Dr, I will surely remember that! Well-done to the organisers for another milestone in MGCM's chapter!

Thanks to Ismail Yon (YDP MGC Kluang ) for the chocolates. Zana, Mail and I had char kway tiau and nescafe tarik outside till midnight. It was a good break for all of us :)

The input sessions:

  1. Wacana Ilmu : Pn Hjh Normah Hj Ismail, Ketua Sektor Penaziran Kepimpinan Institusi Pendidikan, JNJK, MOE 
          (change and managing change, X-PLUS principles for excellence, excellent teachers must have  
          CAN-DO mentality and committed to life-long learning)
     2.  Ucaptama: Tn Hj Sufaat Tumin, TKPPM, Sektor Pembangunan Profesionalisme Keguruan , MOE
          (protecting instructional time in schools to improve students' outcome and instructional leadeship)

     3.  Opening Ceremony : Dato' Dr Ismail Alias, Timbalan Ketua Pengarah Perkhidmatan Awam 
          (Operasi), JPA

          (the need for value-added element in innovation, value-creation)

     4.   Pleno 1: Dr Rusmini Ku Ahmad, Senior Lecturer, IAB Jitra
          (sustainability, innovation, creativity, developing soft skills in secondary schools based on her
            research with University of Cambridge)

     5.   Pleno 2:  Prof Madya Dr. Idris Mohd Nor, UniMAP
          (challenges for excellent teachers)

     6.   Pleno 3: Prof. Madya Dr. Abu Bakar Mohamad Diah, Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif, Jabatan
           Penyelidikan dan Rancangan Kreatif, Inovasi dan Multimedia, Melaka Planetarium Sdn. Bhd

           (Innovation and examples in society)

     7.   MGCM Resolutions:
    • Kepimpinan bilik darjah merangkumi aspek softskills
    • GC berperanan sebagai konsultan di peringkat PPD dan negeri
    • GC berperanan sebagai kumpulan pemikir untuk membantu KPM merancang dasar   baru dalam kurikulum
    • Mewujudkan gred Dg40 bagi guru bukan siswazah
    • Menempatkan semula GC DG48 di sekolah rendah ke sekolah menengah  

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