Saturday, 19 May 2012

MBMMBI Kluang District Course

Date: 14, 15 and 17th May 2012
Venue: SML Sri Lalang, Kluang

The second phase of the course came to a close recently. Glad to have met many young and enthusiastic teachers. Thanks to one and all and especially to my co-trainers Huda (SMK Kahang Timur), Shamsath (SMK Jalan Kota) and Maimunah (SMK Spg Renggam). Thanks to Tn Hj Mahyudin Salim, English Officer from PPD Kluang for giving me the opportunity to train these teachers. I hope to be able to work with the participants in future endeavours :) Keep the passion burning!!

Some reflections from the course participants:

1. Teaching writing is the most difficult part for me. I'm really worried about my students who are very poor and ow proficiency. But through this phase I learnt how to mark my students essays. I think the usage of Prose Models are very effective. I would like to use it in my class after this. I'm really impressed by Pn Rahmahs' slot. I don't know whether I can be like her.. I hope so..

2. The writing activities presented in this session really help me in figuring out other methods and techniques that are useful for my teaching of writing. Teaching writing always becomes a threatening session to my students and sometimes I feel upset when the students are unhappy with the lesson. Hopefully, I can make their writing lesson a better thing after this. THANK YOU...

3. Well, I enjoy the phase three very much. That's because I learn new way to make writing lesson more efficient. For instance, we learn to focus only on 2 key features each time we mark the essay and 'refocus' these key features during the next lesson. And, seriously, Prose Model approach plus process approach is helpful. I will apply it. Lastly, thanks for this course (3 phases)

4. I find this session very useful for me as I think using the new technique (prose model) can really help me to help my students who are very weak at writing. It's not they don;t know, they just have no confidence and model of what they have to write and how. It's really nice if I can help my students improve their writing and help them develop their confidence to write, not only for exams but for their lives.

5. Writing is the best part. I really gain knowledge on how to practise writing approach which is effective and useful for my students. I am very lucky to be selected for this course!!! If there is any advance course related to teaching development, please call me...TQ. I'm happy happy happy.

6. I had a lot of valuable information through the writing session. I am very sure that I can make and bring the model/prose approach and process approach into my classroom and will benefit my students.

7. The course had been very useful by giving me ideas and alternatives in making writing lesson more accessible and achievable to students. I just realised that I have been doing process writing in my classroom. But through this course it helps develop what I've been doing. Now, I can understand what I've been doing wrong in my classroom. Which part to improve, what to add and what to cut out from what I've repeatedly done. I hope to attend more courses like this. I can't wait to try things out with my students.

8. The usage of the prose model is very effective because it serves as a platform for every student, regardless of their proficiency level. Students are able to write and then learn from the prose model provided. Pn Rahmah's talk was very benefiicial and I learn a lot from her ideas. She is an inspiring woman.

9. At the end of the course, I found that there's always other ways in teaching students. I have been motivated and inspired by Pn Rahmah. Hopefully I can be just like her one day since I'm still green in teaching experience. I will practise everything that all the facilitators taught me in my teaching classrooms. Thank you very much for everything. Prose model session helps me a lot.

The Thinking Teacher


  1. assalamualaikum...hye,how are u? ;)..actly, I have problems in teaching writing...I found that students kept doing the same mistakes in writing(fossilize)and I have to teach them again and again as u said repetition is the mother of you mind sharing with us some techniques about teaching writing in classroom so that we can apply it in classroom..err what is Prose Model? I am eager to know,if u dun mind ;)) by the way,thank a lot ;D


  2. dear anonymous,
    i will get back to you insyaAllah. am attending MELTA conference in kl right now :)


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