Friday, 10 August 2012

A Recipe for Friendship- 4 Bukhari

One of the best lessons I've ever conducted to be honest and 4 Bukhari really impressed me! I had to borrow 10 minutes of Ani's time (Chemistry teacher) to complete all the activities. This is a suitable lesson to be conducted at the end of the term before the August break. Give it a try teachers and tell me how it goes.

Here's the lesson plan:

Title: A Recipe for Friendship
Class: Form 4
Duration: Double period
Skills: Listening-speaking, presentation skills, creativity
1. Song mp3 (You've got a friend- Carole King)
2. Handout- gapped lyrics from song
3. Mahjong papers- 6 x 6 groups
4. Marker Pens - as many as you want
5. Masking tape

1. Teacher writes eight words from the lyrics of the song and get ss to guess what the song is about. (My students said it's probably a love song)
2. Distribute the handout and play the song once.
3. SS fill in the gaps with words from the song.
4. Teacher discusses the answers and asked five comprehension questions orally based on the song. (E.g. According to the song, if you're in trouble, what should you do?)
5.Put SS in groups of five.
6. Instruct them to write a recipe for friendship. Divide the mahjong paper into two: A. Ingredients B. Methods/Steps. (Allow their creative juices to flow)
7. Groups take two minutes to present their recipes.
8. End with "I Like You Slips" Activity (everyone including me took part in this activity where we write nice, positive things about our friends/students today)

The recipe from Faqih's group:

1. A bowl of sense of humour
2. Two bowls of honesty
3. A pinch of generosity
4. A cup of patience
5. Two slices of trust
6. A bottle of acceptance
7. A packet of understanding
8. Half a loaf of care

1. Boil a packet of understanding for 30 minutes.
2. Add a pinch of generosity and stir it with a cup of patience.
3. While waiting for the ingredients to boil, mix two bowls of honesty with a bottle of acceptance and stir.
4. Toss the boiled ingredients and mix it with half a loaf of caring.
5. Serve it with a bowl of sense of humour and two slices of trust.
6. For decoration, add a dash of good looks and enjoy your meal!

Proud of you 4 Bukhari :) Keep up the good job!

The slips that I got. Thanks all!

Thanks a lot!

thanks nash- love you too :)

yesss!! English number One!!

More chocs???

I actually hate my voice hehe..

You are welcome...

My envelope...

The Thinking Teacher

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