Friday, 31 August 2012

Sasemians celebrated Independence Day!

The 55th Independence Day was celebrated in style in SASEM. First we had boiled tapioca, lempeng (a kind of pancake) and 'sambal' in the dining hall. However there wasn't enough tapioca for the students so they just had the pancake. After that we were off to Khalifah Hall for brilliant performances by the students. As I've said before, the students have a lot of talent so they were able to come up with a wonderful performance. Well-done to the teachers who trained them (Ema, Wanie, Syukri and others).

What left an indelible impression was the dance from the lower secondary kids! Simply beautiful! Credit must be given to Roshni for dancing so gracefully. The other one was of course Syafiq Osmera (reminds me of Ed Osmera, the handsome actor of the olden days) and the gang for the memorable video. I love the part when he addressed the Malay folks on what they could do to help fund the initiative towards independence. He has the talent in acting I think. To cap it all was the fireworks display and the 'Merdeka' chant by all present. Did Syafiq say it seven times or eight? video will have the answer if Ikhwan had shot it all :) 

Sasemians, let's not waste that talent you have. I would like to see you succeed in both academic and co curricular. There is something special about this batch if only they realise it...I've always said they have a lot of talent but that talent must be tapped and channeled towards excellence particularly academic excellence. Sasemians BOLEH!

Kudos to all those involved in the Merdeka Day celebrations.

Happy Independence Day Malaysia! Proud to be Malaysian!

The Thinking Teacher

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