Sunday, 3 March 2013

Alhamdulillah...Special Grade C Confirmation

Date: 25th February 2013 ( Monday)
Venue: PICC, Putrajaya

Alhamdulillah...I received the appointment letter for Guru Cemerlang Gred Khas C last week in a memorable and stately ceremony. All ten of us GCs were present to receive the letter from Ybg Dato' Sri Dr Ali bin Hamsa, Ketua Setiausaha Negara. There were altogether 142 recipients who received either JUSA A, B or C. The Malaysian ambassador to Syria was also present to receive his JUSA A. My gratitude goes to the Promotion Board, JPA and the Ministry of Education. A feeling of great relief swept over as this confirmation took place after almost a year! 

Congratulations to my colleagues who also received their letters- Pn Saripah Ahmad (MOZAC Melaka), Pn Mahadiah Muda (SM Seri Puteri. Kuala Lumpur), Pn Noraini Kassim (SASER, Seremban), Pn Norini Jaafar (Sek Sultan Alam Shah, Selangor), En Ooi Eng Lye (Penang Free Sch), En Pakri Abidin (SM Tengku Mahmud, Terengganu) and En Nawi Ismail (SMK Teknik Terengganu), Pn Khatijah Abdul Rahman (SMK Clifford, Perak) dan Pn Zaneriah Muhammad (SMK Jelawat, Kelantan). 

Thanks to all friends, teachers and students who have supported me over the years. I will not rest on my laurels after receiving this special honour. There is still a lot to be done. A special thanks to my other half, Aziz, for driving me there. Sorry you had to wait outside until the event was over. Thank you for being my motivator and for making me drag that body to fill up the application form when I was plain lazy :)

The Thinking Teacher
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