Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Carrying the torch..listening and speaking activity

Last Tuesday, we had a listening-speaking focus in 5 Bukhari. A much needed break from the usual lessons we've been having. The task was a consensus-seeking activity where group members must decide the last six people to board a spaceship bound for a new planet. I learned of this activity from a great book Keep Talking by F. Klippel.  This activity generated a lot of language and discussion.  In the task sheet I've added the important structures for agreeing and disagreeing for groups to use in their discussion. Here's how to carry it out: 

(credit: Amazon.com)
Language Focus: Listening-speaking
Duration: Double period
Materials: task sheet (one per student), mah jong paper, marker pen

1. Divide ss into groups of 4. 
2. Distribute task and go through the language structures.
3. ss discuss in 30 mins
4. Two students present their group's consensus
5. Allow two questions from the floor.

Overall, I was impressed with the students' effort particularly Zikri, Dania and Idayu. At one point, it was pretty hilarious when Bindiya and some others questioned the choice of the 70-year-old Buddhist monk! "What if he dies even before they reach the new planet?", Bindiya quipped and I played the devil's advocate by adding, "Isn't it risky choosing the old monk?" To this Idayu answered maturely, "In life we need to take risks." I was like WOW! Really happy to know that they can think on their feet :) Let's see how 5 Syafie fare when I carry this out tomorrow. Another tip is to get those who are quieter to do the presentation, not the same students who have done it before. Rotate. This way, everyone gets the chance to use the language. It is a challenge trying to get students to speak English, hence the need to have activities that require them to use the language in the classroom. Their language is by no means perfect but I love their enthusiasm. 

I love these kids!  They don't need to know that..what's important is I love being with them and preparing lessons for them :)

5 Bukhari in action...

The Thinking Teacher


  1. it was really fun have a class with u Puan Rahmah..back in 2005..u taught me english for set 3..i really missed that momemnt..when i entered class for 1st time..u told me to always smile..huhu..are u remember me teacher?

    1. dear farahida,
      yes i remember you of course :) i'm glad you enjoyed our English classes. wherever you are, i hope life is treating you well and i certainly hope you still keep that smile :)


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