Saturday, 9 May 2015

Edited and republished..

I have just finished editing the following book. Hoping it will help students and teachers alike.

Republished with the new literature component

Those who can Do Those who can do more TEACH


  1. Assalam Pn Rahmah, I really love ur blog and I find the materials very helpful. Thank you. I'm an English teacher myself - have been teaching for the past 33 years and still going strong. The thing is with my students (in Kemaman), they find it very difficult to write, esp. Continuous writing. Any advice - I sure could use some..

    Cg Robiah

  2. Assalam Pn Rahmah, glad to say that my students are using ur book (english spm vocab n writing). It's a very good book. I wonder if u could help with some ideas when conducting a seminar for spm candidates.
    By the way, i'm an english teacher for the past 33 years and still is...) Thank you puan.

    1. Wasallam. little contribution to teaching :)

  3. Wassallam cg Robiah, thanks for visiting my blog. My advice is not too be too ambitious with weak students. I would concentrate on the paragraph and develop from there. All the best!

  4. pn Rahmah, hello. is your book- English SPM vocab and writing sold in bookshops nationwide, or only in Johor?
    thank you

  5. Dear Chin,
    It is sold nationwide but through salesmen not in bookshops. Contact your local salesman. Thanks.

  6. thank you Pn Rahmah.


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