Wednesday, 4 May 2016

What happened to Lulu in 5 As Syafie today

Date: 4th May 2016
Double period

In view of the coming mid-year exam next week, I decided to carry out some beyond the text activities based on the poem "What has happened to Lulu?" My students surprised me with their response particularly the telephone conversation between Lulu and her mother! The following is the rough lesson plan:


     (5 mins)
1.    Write one word to describe Lulu.
Post-it notes
2.    Sequencing the poem
     (10 mins)
2.    Sequencing the poem
Strips and envelopes
3.    Role-play
     (50 mins)
3.    A telephone conversation between Lulu and her mother
4.    Game
     (10 mins)
4.   Wheel of Fortune
Post it notes
Score keeper

For the role-play, provide the following situation:


Three weeks have passed and nothing has been heard of Lulu. 
Infact, she has found somewhere to live, made new friends and 
found a job. She decides it is time to phone home. Why? She 
doesn't intend to return yet. How will she feel as she dials?
 What is her mother 
doing when she calls? What is her reaction?

The students were given about 30 mins to prepare the telephone conversation. I need to compress the files first before uploading...perhaps in another post :)

Here's the link to the powerpoint I used.
Happy teaching!

One group was able to rearrange the strips correctly based on the poem...quite challenging!

Mind the dirty board! It could not be erased due to permanent ink...

Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH


  1. Thx for the idea. I will try the dialogue task. Just sharing what I did in class. For starter, I asked my students to visualise Lulu's room and draw a sketch. My students enjoyed this task as they got the freedom to express themselves!

    1. Masha Allah..wonderful activity to do! sometimes we think it's a bit childish doing such things but it actually allows ss to use their imagination in a powerful way! thanks for sharing!

  2. Definitely! Picture tells a thousand words


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