Saturday, 8 January 2011

Teacher Talk 4: On materials selection and adaptation

A question I received via fb from a trainee teacher and my response:

assalammuailakum.I am a trainee teacher. I hope u are healthy . sorry for disturbing you. i am one of ur blog vistors. I actually need ur advice. actually, my friends and I need to do a lesson plan on how to teach english skill . so,we teach for pre lesson, brainstorming about hobbies, while reading , give text adapted from year 4 . n answers worksheets . lastly, we ask students to mime the hobbies and their firends need to guess. But we are required to write a reflection on our process selecting n adapting materials. n I am quite blur about this process. hope that u can give me any tips or resources .tq.

My response:
salam, my humble apologies to you. i just noticed i haven't replied ur email!! i must have missed it. thanks for ur question. ur question is on the reflection part ya? i think u need to mention on what basis u selected the materials and why do u need to adapt. was it due to ss levels? interest? background? age? gender? duration of lesson? these are some factors u can consider. sorry if this reply is sooooo late.

~the thinking teacher~


  1. haha.. better late than never.

    btw, my trip to HK and china will be from 11 to 15 jan 11.

  2. salam rozaidi,
    enjoy urself ok!


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