Saturday, 8 January 2011

Teacher Talk 7: The Curse

Sharing session again

Salam mdm, I read the new novel but FYI i am not a big fan of it. The plot is okay and I think the language is easy to understand even though students will find difficulties to understand the expression and the literary devices (teacher should do something though). I am wondering why the CDC chose this novel and what are the criteria made the novel applicable to the students as a whole? I know this novel won 2nd place for hadiah sastera .Call me sensitive but it was really shocked when there is a question from Asraf What does Allah have against him?took madhuri and nek away from him?pg 203 I know this is a novel but as a muslim,we cannot question Allah for what had happened to us. I hope this is a right decision made by whom it may concern. Maybe I feel sensitive..hehehe..happy holiday 

anyway..thank you for sharing the modules in ur blog. It helps me to plan for my next year 'RPT'..I will put in cd and distribute to the english teachers at my school. Insya Allah :) 

My response:

well i haven't read it yet but it's interesting what u wrote about the Allah thing. i will have to read it to know the connotations. well, i just finished writing a book on the novel for perak, selangor- 'step-by-wicked step by anne fine- depressing...all about divorce!!

~the thinking teacher~


  1. Perhaps I could answer the question. The CDD selected the novel based on the merit of the book. Their modus operandi when selecting the texts (regardless if it's The Curse or not) was by pooling a group of students from various backgrounds who then read and chose the texts we are currently using. In other words, they were by students-for students approach. A rather unusual approach by CDD but still effective.

    I wouldn't really read too much into the dialogue. I think the writer has done a perfectly good job at handling various issues from a different culture, race and religion respectfully. I am sure the intention was honourable and not done maliciously. I think we should give some leeway to the writer and chalk it up to poetic license.

  2. thanks anonymous, hope it's helpful to the person who asked the question :)


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