Sunday, 23 January 2011

To do next week...

Things I need and should be doing next week lest I forget :) 
  • LET schedule for semester one
  • Beginners grammar module
  • proficiency test for 4PD
  • literature project with 5S2 and 4S1
  • breathe :)


  1. salam kak rahmah...i've been following your blog for two years now and am really proud of being a loyal one :) i have this dream of coming up with my own grammar module for my students...i'm currently teaching in an SBP and i'd like to create a module that suits my students' needs.i do have some really good materials, and i'm proud enough to use the materials and books that i've been holding on to eversince i was in highschool :) trust me, they're the best...and kak rahmah, i'm really thankful for being a proud follower of your's helped me a lot!i tried using some of the lesson plans that you've brought forward in your blog. and gosh, the students enjoyed them so very much! they even asked me to come up with with activities of the same nature in future...i gave my credits to you, kak rahmah...i always mentioned your name in class whenever i used your lesson plans...hope you don't mind...

  2. wassallam rina,
    i'm glad if my blog has helped you. Alhamdulillah. this is so rewarding to me. i hope u will produce a good module. pls use whatever is useful to you. this is one way i give back to society. i just hope i am always in good health to be able to continue doing what i'm doing, insyaAllah.


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