Tuesday, 11 January 2011

What my classes are made of this year..

4S2 in 2010
I just love all my classes this year! 5S2 is used to my style of teaching since I taught them last year, so lessons can be a breeze although they are somewhat noisier this year!  I see Pei Sze and the quartet talking more and more. And I don't want to assume that all the students are learning something because Wan Er always answers the questions! Three students were supposed to move up to 5S1 but they refused, thinking that it's way too competitive and stressful to be there. Quietly, am happy that Xin Tong, Sin Yek and Jia Yee are staying put (hehe) because I've taught them for a year and they've shown improvement , it'll be sad to lose them. Am hoping that Amalia, Valerie, well, all of them  will join ELDSS this year. Now, 4S1- although I have as many as 40 in 4S1, they are very attentive and eager to learn. They display that sense of humour too by responding to jokes and insinuations. 4P1 is the 'weakest' class am teaching this year. But I believe their potential has not been fully explored. Am itching to try many things with them and influence them to like English. The ice may not have been completely broken but it is just a matter of time. It's still too early to tell but I can feel the chemistry building between us. Let's hope the chemistry will transform into a very successful learning partnership.

This year will be about me and my classes and the innovations I'm going to try...something I hope to share in MELTA :)


  1. I am sure everything will turn out great for you, Kak Rahmah. Do share your experience, it would greatly benefit others.

  2. thanks fadzleen,
    insyaAllah will share if they're successful :)

  3. pn rahmah!!
    how are u? haha.. hope that u are doing great teaching a new class.
    just wanna share sumthng, might help u as a teacher.
    reading ur post remind me my school year. kind miss it.
    btw, plz tell ur student that learn english is very important atleast they can speak fluently. it helps to stay cool in society.. if u can speak english well, u'll make more frens.

  4. salam saifudin,
    am fine alhamdulillah. hope ur doing well..in germany i assume? thanks for ur comments!


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