Wednesday 22 December 2010

Are You Still Playing Your Flute? (Zurinah Hassan)

zurinah hassan
I've received some comments/emails recently on the error in the published text for the poem 'Are You Still Playing the Flute'. Apparently the last stanza has not been included. The following are the original versions written by Zurinah Hassan herself taken from her blog Interpretasi.


Are you still playing your flute?
When there is hardly time for our love
I am feeling guilty
To be longing for your song
The melody concealed in the slim hollow of the bamboo
Uncovered by the breath of an artist
Composed by his fingers
Blown by the wind
To the depth of my heart

Are you still playing your flute?
In the village so quiet and deserted
Amidst the sick rice field
While here it has become a luxury
To spend time watching the rain
Gazing at the evening rays
Collecting dew drops
Or enjoying the fragrance of flowers

Are you still playing your flute?
The more it disturbs my conscience
to be thinking of you
in the hazard of you
my younger brothers unemployed and desperate
my people disunited by politics
my friend slaughtered mercilessly
this world is too old and bleeding

Is this the end of our love
time is forcing us, as artists
to live outside ourselves

translated by Zurinah Hassan

The original version:


Masihkah kau bermain seruling
walau waktu telah terlewat untuk kita bercinta
aku semakin terasa bersalah
melayani godaan irama
lagu yang tersimpan pada lorong halus buluh
dikeluarkan oleh nafas seniman
diukir oleh bibir
diatur oleh jari
dilayangkan oleh alun angin
menolak ke dasar rasa.

Masihkah kau bermain seruling
ketika kampung semakin sunyi
sawah telah uzur
waktu jadi terlalu mahal
untuk memerhatikan hujan turun
merenung jalur senja
mengutip manik embun
menghidu harum bunga.

Masihkah kau bermain seruling
ketika aku terasa mata bersalah
untuk melayani rasa rindu padamu
di kota yang semakin kusut dan tenat
adik-adikku menganggur dan sakit jiwa
bangsaku dipecahkan oleh politik
saudara diserang bom-bom ganas
dunia sudah terlalu tua dan parah.

Di sinilah berakhirnya percintaan kita
kerana zaman sedang menuntut para seniman
hidup di luar dirinya.

(Zurinah Hassan)

For the poet's own interpretation of the poem go to Zurinah Hassan.


Mimi said...

there might also be another error...a discrepancy between the BM version and the English version...but i might be wrong...

in the hazard of you (stanza 3 line 4)
should be
in the hazard of this city

because in the BM version:
di kota yang semakin kusut dan tenat

the poet has commented about this in another blog...

a little help please...

Rahmah said...

tx for ur comments mimi. if u go to zurinah hassan's blog, she will have her own translation of the poem -

i think the most glaring error is missing out the last stanza!!

zurinahhassan said...

Thank you for the comments. I am the poet you talk about here. I have been keeping quiet because I don know what to do. Things will get more complicated. Mimi is right. It should be "in the hazard of this city". The english version is my own translation but the printing mistake is not mine. Thank you Mimi.

Rahmah said...

dear madam zurinah,
thank you for visiting my blog. i think you can alert the curricullum department to rectify the mistake. If teachers are aware of the mistake, they will definitely rectify it in the classroom. But I wonder how many are aware of it..

YK Lim said...

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IzSya said...

did you have the question and the answer for this poem,my teacher asked me to find out about it.

btw,thanks for the translation :D