Thursday, 4 September 2014

Flying business class...

In August, I flew business class to Kota Bharu for a meeting for the first time. It was a Malaysia Airlines flight and it was my first time after getting the Special Grade C. When I received the Special Grade C, many restrictions were in place as "langkah penjimatan" by the government. It had been "langkah penjimatan" for as long as I could remember. Too bad...It reminded of another incident in which luck was not on my side too. When I got my SSB in 1996 from the Scholarship Division, MOE, I only received the certificate after the ceremony was all over! So those who of you who got to go up the stage shouldn't be complaining. In Malay, we described this situation as "takde rezeki".

Then, out of the blue, there was an announcement in the papers that flying MAS is now allowed. Will I be lucky this time? I wondered how it would feel...flying business class :) Despite the two heartbreaking tragedies that swept the nation, I still had faith in our national carrier. And the opportunity came knocking at my door when there was a meeting in Kota Bharu. Naturally, I was very excited.I was barely seated when a lady spoke to me,

 "Pn Rahmah, nak pergi mana? Mesyuarat ___ ke?" (She looked familiar and my mind was racing to put a name on her face)

"Yes, Pn Normah. How are you? (thank God my memory was still good!)

"Owh, you still remember me. I'm fine. Got work to do in KB but I can't sit here now. Am in economy."

I smiled as she inched to the economy class cabin. That was Pn Normah, retired JUSA C principal from my district. Once, she took a lift from me to a PPMP meeting with JPN Johor. And once too, she invited me to give a talk on Action Research to her teachers. A very capable lady for whom I have a lot of respect. Amazing isn't it how roles are reversed and how our ranks determine our seats! It's all part of life's journey...

On board, a sweet, young stewardess clad in MAS batik outfit, quipped cheerfully,

"Hajah, what would you like for a drink? Orange juice, guava, mango..?" 

I had barely sat on seat 2A! I turned it down politely as I was fasting. Hubby told me to break my fast so I could taste the food but I refused. I still had the return flight. A Datok or Dato' sitting on my right was enjoying "roti jala" and "teh tarik". Not a word was exchanged until we landed in Kota Bharu. There were many empty seats in the business class and the passengers looked very important. The leg room was spacious but the seats were a bit shabby I thought. The political turmoil in Selangor caught my attention as I was reading the STAR voraciously, taking in every morsel of detail. Despite having to wake up at 3 a.m. on travel day, and driven by En Jamaludin, the local taxi driver in my neighbourhood (bless him), Tan Sri Khalid's political future or what's left of it, caught my eyes. It was news of the moment. It's politics at its best; one day you're my best friend and another day you're my enemy.

Alhamdullillah the flight was smooth and we landed safely at 10.30 a.m. in Kota Bharu. A smooth landing too thank God. I always have trouble landing time. My stomach will be in knots! Well, enough excitement for one day- a school girl's excitement :0

Thank you to En Hassan from the Examinations Unit in JPN Johor for arranging the tickets for me.

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  1. Need to ask you the name of the activity book you show at the last years teachers conference...classroom activities.. have to run courses for teachers...need your help....???

    1. Hi Dr Dhass, please refer to my sms thanks.


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