Friday, 1 July 2016

'A Poison Tree' with 5 As Syafie

Raya songs were already in the air! But at the corridor, the principal quipped, "Hajah, saya belum observe hajah..esok boleh?" Huh? Orang dah mood raya ni haha. The lesson took place on Wednesday anyway, yup, a day before the Raya break. Boy..was I at pains trying to give instructions in 5 As Syafie - they can be pretty rowdy especially when they are doing the gallery walk. You really have to be strict with instructions. However, overall the lesson was o.k. but my throat wasn't!

I was given 95% for this lesson. My principal said he couldn't give me 100% because it might be an issue with officers. Apparently, there was a teacher in a day school who was given 100% and officers were sent to investigate the matter! Knowing my principal, he will avoid that any cost :)  Told him no lesson is perfect and it's up to him what he thought I deserved. By the by, hubby got 98% in his day school and was happily teasing me on my 95%...perhaps he should be a guru cemerlang instead :)

You can find the lesson plan below. Try it. Your feedback is much appreciated :)

Gallery Walk and peer evaluation using 2 stars and a wish

Thank you for your comments! Will do better!

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Those who can DO, Those who can do more TEACH

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